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Term insurance claim of Police personal

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06 Dec, 2022 by  Diganto Nath

If a police personal shot to death on duty, will his death claim payable ?

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Yes claim will be payable as per insurance policy. The only thing is to make sure that the same information regarding professional risk is to be mentioned at the time of taking policy . Certain insurance company ask to fill defense questioner or high risk profession separately.

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07 Dec, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Nath

If proposal has been accepted after giving fair disclosure of occupation then claim is payable.

Moreover, as per section 45 all claims are payable after 3 years even if disclosures were not made .

Claim.can be stopped only if death has happened due to involvement in criminal activity .

Hope this answers ypur query .


Insurance Samadhan

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