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Term Insurance for young professional with recent diagnosis of hypertension

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12 Apr, 2021 by  Abhishek Nandan

Hi Experts,

I am a young professional, turned 24 this January. I do not have any loans against my name, but I do take care of my parents' expenses. I was recently diagnosed to be having high blood pressure that the doctor has said to be treatable with lifestyle changes. I am thinking about getting a term insurance, how does my having blood pressure affect the term insurance premiums? Also, should I wait until I am back to normal blood pressure levels. If I do so, how would the premiums be affected in future based on my medical history of having hypertension? Please enlighten what to do?

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14 Apr, 2021
Chartered Accountant, Personal Finance Advisor

Hi Abhishek

You may have been diagnosed for high blood pressure mainly due to work stress and lack of physical activity.

As advised by Doctor you should focus on life style changes and once your blood pressure is under control you can proceed with term insurance cover within 3-6 months.

Hope the above addresses your concern. Wish you good luck

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