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Term Insurance query for non-smoker

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12 Dec, 2022 by  Gauravshz

Hello sir,

I have one doubt related to Term Insurance.

Please need your input on that.

I have a term insurance, while taking it I opted for non-smoker, non-drinker, because I do it very rarely and occasionally.

Will this impact my term insurance? If yes, how ?

I spoke to them while taking, they told me that you can go for non-smoker/drinker, even if you start drinking later, it will not impact your term insurance, which I believe is utter nonsense.

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Term Life Insurance

2 Answer

13 Dec, 2022
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Yes, policy is underwritten at the time of issuance only, which means it'll insure you based on that medicals/health condition at that time

They would have done your medicals to ascertain their belief.

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13 Dec, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Gaurav


1. You should have declared the occasional smoking / drinking . You were misguided that you should not declare because premium for smoker is higher .

2. As per section 45 of insurance act , claim during first 3 year can be questioned on the basis of non disclosure. But after 3 years , claims cannot be questioned on basis of non disclosure.

3.Now , please note that insurance contract is made on basis of fair declaration under utmost good faith at the time of proposal . Contract remain intact even if situation changes even after one day of proposal . So if you start smoking or drinking even then contract can not be questioned.

4. So this is not non sense and insurance companies and actuaries are fully aware of it .understand that many people may start but many can also stop .

That is why , insurance is always work on large numbers and averaging .

Hope you understand and do not call such concepts nonsense.


Insurance Samadhan

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13 Dec, 2022
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