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Term insurance through posp

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28 Sep, 2023 by  Rahul chauhan

Should we buy term insurance from posp what are the pros and cons please elaborate

Term Life Insurance

1 Answer

03 Oct, 2023

Hello Rahul,

Buying term insurance from a POSP has its advantages and drawbacks, just like purchasing insurance through other channels. On the positive side, POSPs can offer a face-to-face interaction that some individuals find comforting when making insurance decisions, provide tailored advice to meet your specific needs, be there by your family's side during claims, etc. Some downsides may include varying levels of expertise among POSPs, etc. The term insurance journey is a long one - it can span many decades, and the policy purchase is just the first of many steps. It's crucial to select someone with experience and a proven track record of exceptional service - someone who can ensure a smooth claims process for your family when the time comes. At Beshak, we've vetted top financial advisors from around the country and listed their profiles here: You can go through them, check their track record and choose an advisor who you think will be right for you. Moreover, if you are buying from a financial advisor on Beshak, the plan recommendations are powered by Beshak Research, which assures the advice you are getting is 100% unbiased, and free from any conflict, whatsoever.

I hope this helps. Thank you!

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