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The right Insurance and super topup health insurance combo plan for a 35 yr old healthy woman.

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04 May, 2021 by  Neil Montes

Helping a friend - woman who is 35 Yrs (Single) already has a 40 lac health insurance as part of company insurance (big tech). No medical history. Fit.

She does not have any personal health insurance though. I am building a health insurance plan for her.

I had thought 15 Lakhs as base health insurance and 30 lakhs as the super top up insurance. (of course plan is to buy it from the same insurer 

The shortlisted are HDFC Ergo or Max Bupa.

Now i have some questions.

1. Should i buy these online or get an insurance consultant to guide further

2. Does HDFC ergo even have a super-top insurance that covers this?

3. Is the amount for insurance too high? (The thought here is that she does earn high and when she is healthy is a good time to lock her in)

Health Insurance

1 Answer

04 May, 2021

Dear Neil,

As per my understanding , your client is earning well and currently fit is a very good thing.

1. The benefit of buying a policy online is that there are some discounts of direct channel. Whereas involving a consultant may (not necessary) help at the time of claims.

2. Yes, HDFC do have a super top up plan

3. The sum insured you have decided is high for today. However, when the age will catch up it will be hard to get your client higher sum insured and even if she gets a higher sum insured in later stage of life then she will have to go through waiting periods again for the extra sum insured. Given the inflation is increasing year on year, I suggest to go for high Sum insured today which will be beneficial in future.

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