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Top up cover for health insurance

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24 Jun, 2022 by  ilyas

Is it possible to get a super top up health cover without going for basic/primary health insurance? If yes, what are the pros & cons, & which plan you suggest?? Thanks

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Health Insurance

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24 Jun, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Hi illyas,

Yes it is possible to buy super top up without a base cover.

A super top-up plan comes with a threshold limit called Deductible, this plan can only be used once the threshold has been arrived during the year.

For eg Incase you buy a plan with sum insured 5 Lacs and deductible as 2 lacs. The plan can be once you already have paid upto 2 Lacs either from your base plan or from your own pocket. So if a claim was for say ₹5 Lacs.... 2 lacs u will take care off either from your own pocket or any other health policy. The super top-up will pay remaining 3 lacs.

It is better to have a base plan first rather than depending on a super top-up.

There are multiple plans available. It won't be prudent for me to suggest anything without understanding your current and past medical history, city that you reside, age, budget etc.

Best is you fix a online meeting with a Beshak recommended advisor. The advisor will help you in plan selection, filling the form as well as during the claim process.

I hope this was helpful to you.


Rohit Dhingra

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25 Jun, 2022
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