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Top Up Cover for Parents

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09 Apr, 2021 by  Vinay

I am looking for a health cover for my parents 57 & 52. My father has Asthma. Considering my city, only 2 insurers have decent network hospitals and rest insurers are costly too. I am reviewing Aditya Birla Platinum health enhanced and Maxbupa Reassure/Companion plan. and along with Olamoney Manipal Cigna Super Top up. I know you suggest buying base and top from same insurer but here I am not finding any top plan here with available insurers. Should I ahead with this combo. Should I go with 5 lacs + 20 lacs or 10 lacs + 20 lacs (as both are different insurers). Kindly share your views on Olamoney Manipal Cigna Super Top up. Kindly advise plan, combination and structure.

Health Insurance

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15 Apr, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Vinay,

Apologies for missing to respond here. We are building a system that ensures there are no open questions on the Forum.

Now coming to your question.

  1. Buying Super Topup from same insurer is recommended. It is very rare that you will be able to make cashless claims from both insurers in cases where the insurers are different. In this light, the network hospital criteria you had in mind is irrelevant. Now relook at your options again.
  2. Always opt for a high base cover. 10 Lakhs + 20 Lakhs is recommended - unless the premium is way higher for this option
  3. Ola money Manipal Cigna is a good option - but it is a group health insurance policy. Look for it only as a last resort, when all your other options are exhausted. Read about the negatives of a group plan here: Should you buy group insurance sold by banks or apps? Group Insurance Vs Retail Insurance (

Hope this helps,


Team Beshak

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