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Top up plan against Group Health Insurance

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25 Jul, 2022 by  Jai Hind India

I have a Group health insurance, can i get a Top up against my Group Health plan or Top up is available only against Individual Health plan.

Also is porting available against Group health plan.

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Health Insurance

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25 Jul, 2022
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  1. Top-up plan is an independent plan and has no link to your base plan. So, whether your base plan is a group plan or an individual plan or even if you don't have any base health plan, you can still opt for any top-up plan. Because one wants to use top-up plan for unexpected huge bills, it is generally advisable to take the deductible of the top-up plan equal to the base plan SI or lesser.
  2. Porting is available for group health plan, although it is not as easy as porting an individual plan and it not guaranteed. Insurers have the right to underwrite the portability proposal during which they may reject depending on the PED and claim history. Generally porting is accepted from the group plan to an individual plan of the same insurer but you may try from other insurers as well.
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29 Jul, 2022
Jai Hind India
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