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Top Up Policy-Age limit

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07 Dec, 2023 by  Rama Subrahmanyam D

Iam 67 years old. I have a corporate health insurance policy taken by my company. The company only pays for the Policy every year and I do not need to pay anything. The sum assured is 10 lakhs both for me and my wife put together. Should I take a top up Policy? What is the age limit for taking top up Policy? Which is the best insurance company to take a top up Policy? Thank you.

Health Insurance

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16 Dec, 2023
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Most of the standard health insurance plans - both base and top-up plans offer entry only for upto 65y of age.

There are few plans like Bajaj Allianz Extra Care plus, Icici Lombard Health Booster, Care Enhance which do offer more upto 80y or more. And there are also few new base plans where you can choose a deductible to make them work like a top-up plan.

Please get in touch with a beshak advisor to guide and help you in purchasing the right plan.

Thank you

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