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Travel Insurance for International travel

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14 Jan, 2022 by  Satya

My Friend is an Indian National studying in Canada. He wants to visit to his friend in UK for one month. Can he buy a travel insurance policy (CANADA - UK - CANADA) from any Indian Insurance company Or is it mandatory to buy a travel insurance from the country of origin ?

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21 Jan, 2022

Hi Satya,

Hope you are well and apologies for the delayed response! As far as my knowledge goes, I think your friend would be able to get travel insurance from an Indian insurer. The Place of Origin and the Place of Residence have to be the same when you are getting travel insurance and the Place of Residence is the dwelling place where the insured person is currently residing in. Place of Residence is the correspondence address specified in the policy papers. I don't remember reading this anywhere that the Place of Origin or the Place of Residence has to be India mandatorily.

However, I may be wrong! It would be best for you or your friend to get in touch with a few Indian insurers and enquire about this. You may get in touch with Care Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, and Aditya Birla General Insurance.

Hope this helps!


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