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UIIC privatization news

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10 Jan, 2022 by  Sambaran Mitra

I have 3 individual plans with UIIC for 3 members of my family.

I am thinking of :

  1. Converting the individual plans to family floater. Is that advisable?
  2. Adding super topup from UIIC.

But I also saw news of the government trying to privatize UIIC. Shall I wait for the transition? Or can I go ahead with my upgrades before that?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

10 Jan, 2022
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Sambaran,

I think you should first independently evaluate and define your needs with respect to health insurance.

For instance, how much cover do you need? what is the adequate room rent limit for the next 2 decades or so (assuming you are young) You could use this article to evaluate your coverage: 7 Most Essential Features Every Health Insurance Policy must have | Beshak

Once you have a fair understanding of your needs, you can compare them with your existing plan. If there is a shortfall you must go ahead and upgrade your plan or port to a better insurance plan.

Regarding individual vs floater: You can watch this video:

Regarding Super Topup: You can read this article before choosing Super Topup: 6 Important tips to buy the best Super Top-up Health Insurance (

Lastly, privatization would have no impact on your personal insurance - we wouldn't recommend you wait to review your coverage till privatization (which could take a long time)

Note: If you want personalized advice from our community advisors, powered by Beshak Research: You can set up an appointment with your choice of advisor here: You can share your requirements with the advisor, and then get a customized recommendation powered by Beshak Research. No charges.


Team Beshak

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