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Very high premium for Corporate NIA plan

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24 Oct, 2023 by  A

Due to chronic health issue, I don't have retail health plan. I am currently enrolled in Corporate base cover (SI 3L) health cover (NIA).

I noticed that premium for SI of 10L is 42,000/- vs 12,000/- [same NIA plan in retail market].

I am not too keen on topup plan of SI of 10L as premium is too high compared to retail cover, also there is co-pay of 15% and they have room restrictions.

Please suggest me should I go with topup (of 10L) of corporate plan or work on building up health corpus?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

08 Nov, 2023


It's important to have a personal health insurance plan in addition to your corporate cover. Corporate plans come with many limitations and restrictions. Since I don't know the details of your chronic health issue, I can't provide a specific plan recommendation. However, I'd suggest you explore our free 1-to-1 personal consultation service, which is powered by Beshak Research. Through this service, you can connect with financial advisors who can offer expert guidance tailored to your needs and conditions. They will help you navigate available options and make informed decisions about your health insurance coverage. Here's the link for your ready reference:

I hope this helps. Thank you!

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