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Want to buy Top-up (Surplus or Add-on) health insurance policy

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08 Jan, 2023 by  Anand

I am looking for Add-on policy of 1 Cr with deductible of Rs 3 Lakhs. I got quotation from Star Health Insurance with a premium of Rs 13192/annum (for three members, Max. age 45).

Similar plan from Tata-AIG is for Rs 23428/annum (global cover). Which one is better? I am afraid, will they cover all kind of health complications, or their will be some hidden cap on each disease/surgery. Restoration benefit will exist or not? Waiting period is 36 months for both.



1 Answer

16 Jan, 2023
harivansh agrawal

Hello Anand

I do not know, maybe you know or do not know but there is a document called policy wording (fairly simple to read and in very easy language but very bulky 60-70 pages) if you read the TATA AIG Medicare Premier policy wording you will have the depth knowledge on what the product covers and what are its limitations and what is hidden or what is not so please read that

and secondly do not select a product seeing the premium this will change with time so it is not constant choose the product that suits your needs.

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