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What happens if an advisor connected by Beshak is unavailable in the future?

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20 Mar, 2023 by  Questions On Social Media

1) Will I be getting assistance on claims from beshak in case of issues?

2)What do I do if the advisor is unavailable during crucial times or is unresponsive later?

3)What if the advisor withdraws from beshak or closes down later due to some issues?


1 Answer

20 Mar, 2023
Founder, Beshak

All advisors at Beshak are experienced in health insurance claims, and hence they will be your one-point contact for claims.

Note, the advisor will be registered on your policy and the insurer.

They are bound to serve you even if they are not associated with Beshak in the future. 

In case the advisor is unavailable, you can message them on Whatsapp for support. 

They will get back to you as soon as they are available. 

As a last resort, in case the advisor is unable to help you, you always have the Beshak community to help you out as a backup.

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