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what is the best cover for my family

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23 Jun, 2021 by  Vikas Chawla


I am from delhi my age is 32 years and wife age is 31 years and our son age is 9 months plus

i want to know how much cover i need for my family in future and should i go for just higher sum insured or sum insured plus super top up


Health Insurance

2 Answer

23 Jun, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Vikas

Sum assured is dependent on your budget .

Go for minimum 5 lakh plus top up of 20 lakh .This is sufficient for a middle class family .

If you want 100 % converage then go for Rs 10 lalh base and top up of Rs 50 lakh .

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23 Jun, 2021
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hey Vikas,

Glad to know you are thinking about health insurance. The process of getting insured starts by defining your own goals.

What do you want out of health insurance?

Keep your goal above the sales pitch any insurance agent will make to you.

Think of taking an inflation-efficient insurance plan. What is that?

As the cost of healthcare becomes expensive over the years, the ability of your insurance policy to pay for it reduces. 3 lakhs cover today might be sufficient, but will not be adequate 10 years from now. Similarly, with 5000 room rent limit, you can get private ward in a decent hospital, but in 10 years, 5000 limit would only get you a general ward.

Some quick advice is to look at plans with no room rent capping, plans with 100% no-claim bonus (because your 5 lakh plan will become 10 lakh cover without paying additional premium) and plans with few treatment sub-limits (many plans put specific capping on certain treatments, like even in 3 lakh cover, they would pay 50k for some surgery).

In case you have looked at some plans and you have doubts, I am happy to answer your queries.


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