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What percentage of salary you should spend on life and health insurance premiums?

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17 Jan, 2023 by  Subash Krishnan


I am an NRI salaried person of 34 years of age, married with a boy child of 5 years old.

I am looking to purchase my first health and term insurance outside of my existing corporate insurance coverage.

I am more comfortable with pay as we go structured/ monthly payments.

Since it is a long term affair, may I seek suggestions/advice on allocation of budget for insurance ?

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Term Life Insurance
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18 Jan, 2023
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This is a personal question and may depend on your expenses and your life style too

As a rule of thumb, you can allocate 20%-30% towards your investments and insurance

Why don't your schedule a call with a personal finance expert and ask them to do your income-expense analysis

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Dear Subash,

It’s good that you are planning to buy personal Health and term insurance this is very important in our life.

When it comes to Risk Management it needs to planned properly.

Life Insurance premiums can be fixed it depends on what age you are planning to buy lower the age lower the premium.

when it comes to Health insurance premiums change as per the age so premium changes.

You can connect with me I can plan a insurance and investment combo solution where you need to invest one time lump sum and that investment can take care of all the future premiums.

If you are checking in terms of budget then need to know about your income and expenses then I can give fair idea on allocation percentage towards insurance.

Thanks and Regards

Vikram Aralikatty, CFP

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