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When to inform insurance company about a new disease?

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04 Sep, 2020 by Questions On Social Media

1) my relative has taken health insurances, since last 13 years no claim, since few years he is diabitic but not at time of taken, what should we do? Recently he cross 50 and before that limit increased but agent has not disclosed even we told him. As many years no claim, now it's covered? How to inform them?

2) if we take corona rashak and kavach policy and if be+ve and get treatment in gov hospital in free, can we claim? And got it especially kavach?

Kindly reply earliest.

Thanks for excellent social work.

My best wishes.

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

04 Sep, 2020
Mahavir Chopra

Here are the answers to your questions. 

1) You don't need to inform the insurance company for diseases that have been diagnosed after the insurance policy is issued. 

2) You need to inform about all pre-existing diseases before buying a policy, and before upgrades too. Now, if you have not informed - you can write a letter to them informing them about the pre-existing disease. There are ways you can email to the respective insurance company. You should find the email address on your policy document. 

3) Corona Kavach is a reimbursement policy - which will pay only in case of actual expenses - will not pay if the treatment was done free at Government hospitals. 

4) Corona Rakshak is a fixed benefit policy - it will pay in case the insured is diagnosed positive and hospitalized for more than 3 days. 

5) Both Kavach and Rakshak have 15 days waiting period. 

Hope this clarifies, 

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17 Sep, 2020
vikrant khanna
Does one need not inform the insurer on renewal, if there has been any treatment taken or disease diagnosed?
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17 Sep, 2020
Team Beshak
Hello Vikrant,
1) No - you don't need to inform the insurer about new diseases that have been diagnosed after your policy is issued.

2) All diseases that are diagnosed after your policy is issued are covered immediately - unless they are part of the specified disease exclusion for the first two years.

3) In case you decide to upgrade your policy, you will be required to declare any new disease that has been diagnosed. Hope this helps.
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