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Which Health Insurance would be good, only for my 3 kids?

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02 Sep, 2022 by  Ajit Chougule

Hello Experts,

I have 3 kids, total 6 members are there in my family. I, my wife, my first 2 kids, and my mother have family insurance cover from my company, but the 3rd kid is not having any cover. So, now I am planning to take a separate cover only for all the kids. The age of the kids is 9 & 7 years (daughters), and a son (age - 1yr). Sum assured would be 5L. Which insurance would be good to go with?


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Health Insurance

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02 Sep, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Ajit,

It is difficult to give a one line answer to the above question without knowing more about you, where you are based, kind of coverage you are looking for etc. It would be best if you could Click on the tab Health Insurance, Choose a Advisor from Beshak Platform, Schedule a Call, Fill the form for TruMatch Report which would generate recommended plans.. lastly buy the plan from the advisor.

One suggestion that I would make to you is not to depend on your office policy and consider buying a separate for your complete family. You may read these two articles on the group insurance



I hope this was of help to you.


Rohit Dhingra

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02 Sep, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Ajit

My recommendations

1. Group insurance is like rented house, you use till you are in job . In case you loose job , then you will loose cover also . You can not leave your family uninsured .

2. Buy a super Top up health insurance with deductible of Rs 5 lakh for full family except mother.

3. Buy a separate plan for mother for Rs 5 lakh because due to her age , your total premium will go up .

4. Create Rs 5 lakh as fund for medical emergency in case you loose job .

Your total liability will not be more than Rs 30000 per annum .

Best wishes

Shailesh Kumar

Insurance Samadhan

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