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Which insurance schemes treatment abroad? I am referring to resident indians who might have to go abroad for treatment? I am not referring to travel insurance.

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20 Jan, 2021 by  Amit Tripathy

Overseas medical insurance

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Health Insurance

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01 Feb, 2021

Hello Amit,

Hope you are doing well. This type of health insurance cover is provided under a feature called ‘Global Treatment’.

Based on our research, we found that amongst health insurance plans offered in India, this feature is very rare. In fact, only one insurer - Care Health Insurance (previously Religare) offers an add-on on their ‘Care’ plan - called ‘Global Coverage’ to cover treatments in overseas facilities.

Here are some things you should know about this add-on.

This plan covers illnesses diagnosed in India and treated globally, as well as those diagnosed abroad and treated globally.

The claim is offered either through reimbursement or through a cashless facility with listed network hospitals provided by the insurer. Be sure you look at this list ahead of making the purchase.

It has a mandatory 10% Copayment component.

Treatments taken in the USA are not covered by this plan.

The claim amount is paid in Indian rupees - based on the foreign currency exchange published by RBI on the date of loss.

As with any insurance policy, you should carefully go through all the terms and conditions of this benefit, before making the purchase.

Hope this was helpful. :)

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06 Mar, 2021

Hello Amit,

Update: Here is a product that has been just introduced that covers your requirement well. Please check it out. ManipalCigna Lifetime Health Global Plan with Cover up to Rs. 3Cr

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