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Which is best Out patient health insurance

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21 Jul, 2022 by  Chethansuhas gowda

Now a new trend of OPD( Out Patient) health insurance plans have been introduced which one is better for a family

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OPD plans will have either value based restrictions or a capping on maximum number of OPDs that you can avail.

Add to it the higher premiums that you'll have to forego to get this benefit, many of these benefits are available only on reimbursement basis which might need effort from your end to get back the money from the insurer.

If you overall look at the purpose of insurance it is to protect you from critical and non critical in hospitalisations..

The premiums you'll pay vs the value you get with such OPD offerings are misaligned, so given an option its best to have a plan without one.

Incase you still are inclined to it you can look at insurers like Bajaj, Star who offer opd coverages upto a certain number of visits in a year provided you're ok with bearing higher premiums.

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