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Which is the best travel insurance

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25 Aug, 2022 by  Kathiresan Annamalai


Planning to visit Singapore with my family end of September for 10 days.

Can you please suggest a good travel insurance ?

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Health Insurance

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25 Aug, 2022
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Hi Kathiresan,

Though there are lot of Travel health insurance plans available in the market, we can best guide you as per your suitability

You can schedule a call with me so that I can take your individual needs and suggest accordingly

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27 Aug, 2022
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Hi kathiresan,

There are a lot of companies offering travel insurance solutions but the best ones are those that meet your specific requirements. You need to be clear on what is your motive

Is it cost effective solution just to tick mark the insurance box in your travel checklist?

Is it comprehensive features?

Is it quick resolution and response mechanism that you are looking for?

We generally recommend Bajaj Allianz because of its expertise in this domain and long standing partnership with a global giant - Allianz.

Also there are other players like care insurance, digit, ICICI Lombard who offer economical products for various countries.

For more specific discussion, you may connect with us through a free one on one consultation.

Best wishes

Rana Sahib

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