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Which Policies for parents

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17 Feb, 2023 by  Vishu Gg

I want to purchase health insurance for my parents aged above 50 sum insured should be between 5-10m lacs whhich should be the best option?

Health Insurance

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27 Feb, 2023
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Dear Vishu,

Health Insurance purchase is a very important decision in personal financial planning. There are several factors that must be taken into account before recommending proper health insurance for your Parents. A few of them include current & past medical/surgical history, lifestyle habits, city of residence, existing insurance coverages, etc.

While the insurance industry has a wide range of plans available to cater to the needs of customers, these plans do come with confusing & misleading insurance jargon which is beyond a layman's understanding capacity. Hence get in touch with an experienced insurance professional & take proper guidance before deciding to finalize a plan.

Beshak is an excellent platform & will certainly help you find the best insurance professionals who can assist you in addressing your requirements.

Satish Kumar H

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