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Which policy covers mental illness as well?

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29 Oct, 2021 by  Nikhil Kataria

Can someone share a lost of policies that cover mental illness. I have gone through Max Bupa's ReAssure plan but there is no mention of mental illness coverage in the same.

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29 Oct, 2021
harivansh agrawal

Hello Nikhil,

I know what you are asking as I am also suffering from General Anxiety disorder and am on anti-depressent let me be very clear very few insurers will accept your proposal if you are any medication for metal illness not because mental illness is some dangerous disease or harmful but what I experience from applying most of the insurer is that they do not like uncertainty- they know mental illness is treated by medication and therapy but they do not know what the long term effects are of this medication how it will impact the future claim even though in the underwriting philosophy which IRDAI mandates every insurer to publish they says they will treat mental illness like any other pre-existing disease they will not

so you have to do the heavy work of going insurer to insurer checking if they can insure you

some insurance companies product mentions they will accept mental illness hospitalization but with some limit like 50,000

some will completely remain blank as you mention in Niva Bupa(Max Bupa) ReAssure

but please Do Not Hide this from the insurer make a full disclosure <--- This is the most important part

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30 Oct, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Nikhil

You need to clarify

1. Mental illness as pre existing diesase . Which type of mental illness ? If it is auto immune , , neuro or congenital , then no insurer would accept the risk . But if it is due to life style like depression , anxiety then Insurance company would accept with a counter offer .

2. Mental illness in future , there is no disease at the time of application . If a problem occurs in future then same will be covered unless mental illness is attributed to auto immune or congenital .

Hope this clarifies .

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30 Oct, 2021
Nikhil Kataria
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