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Which should be more important criteria to select my health insurance? Room rent or robotic surgery?

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04 Jan, 2022 by  Yash Agrawal

I am 25 year old single boy. I am not able to decide between two health plans i.e Niva Bupa Reassure and Hdfc Ergo optima secure. Both plans offer good benefits but there is a striking point in each one of them.


Pros : 1. No room rent capping 2. Cost less 3.Unlimited Reinstatement

Cons: A limit of maximum INR 1 Lac will apply to all robotic surgeries,

except the following:

i. Robotic total radical prostatectomy

ii. Robotic cardiac surgeries

iii. Robotic partial nephrectomy

iv. Robotic surgeries for malignancies

Optima Secure :

Pros : No sublimit on modern treatment and robotic surgeries

Good ICR and CSR ratio. Good Claim service.

NCB doesn't reduce even after claiming so policy cover is doubled in 2 years.

Cons : Room rent limited to single private Ac room.

It costs 1.5x the price of Niva Bupa reassure plan.

What should i choose? Are the surgeries mentioned in Reassure plan's policy enough to not worry about it?

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05 Jan, 2022
Poornima Asija

I have the exact same question, I'm looking at these two policies for my mother (aged 57 yrs) and would like an expert opinion on the same. While Niva Bupa has low premiums & good features, it also has low CSR & ICR and sub-limit on Robotic surgeries! HDFC restore is extremely expensive and secure has a room type/ category capping!

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09 Jan, 2022

Hi Yash and Poornima,

Hope you guys are doing well! Having sub-limits on Robotic Surgeries in ReAssure plan does not necessarily mean that it is a bad plan and you should not consider the same. It is not a decision-making factor, at least in my view. Having a sub-limit on room type in the Optima Secure plan is a much bigger thing to look at comparatively. We have done a detailed review of the HDFC Ergo's Optima Secure plan on our website. You guys should definitely check this out.

If you are planning to purchase health insurance, you can connect with one of our curated and experienced financial advisors from our community. They can help you in the purchase as well as the claims process. If you are willing to connect, you can check out this page and choose an advisor as per your preference. It's absolutely free for you. :)

Hope this helps.


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