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Why would Insurer salesperson discourage buying policy from online aggregator?

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12 Aug, 2021 by  Nitesh

TLDR: In the callback I received from the insurance company, the person's words after knowing that I bought the policy from a famous online aggregator were "oh my god, you should have not bought the policy from a third party seller". I asked why, his simple reply was "in case of a rejection of claim, don't blame us.” and call was disconnected.

Q: Is this just a sales tactic or buying from aggregator has some downsides with respect to claim processing? (You can assume a completely healthy person, 21 years of age with no medical history who undergoes a full medical checkup will all reports normal).

Long version:

A sales representative of an online aggregator was explaining the policy wording of a policy to me and mentioned that if I am not satisfied with the explanation, I could double check with the insurance company directly.

So, I requested a callback from the insurance company and asked them to explain the policy wording, which the person did and it was exactly as the representative of the online aggregator explained.

Now he asked me when would I like to buy the policy, to which I said that I have already bought it online, to which his response was not so good.


1 Answer

12 Aug, 2021
Co-founder, SureClaim

Hi Nitesh,

The caller from insurance company was bluffing. The product belongs to insurance company. The online aggregator, offline agent, bank or any other kind of intermediary is only distributing the product.

The liability for product performance and service delivery is with the insurance company.


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