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Zero cost term insurance

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10 Oct, 2022 by  Diganto Nath

What is a zero cost term insurance ?

When one can avail the benefit of such policy if claim not occurred.

What are the special conditions of such policies ?

Term Life Insurance

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Hi Diganto Nath

First of all you must understand and accept the fact that insurance is for dependent financial liabilities one have in case of absence of bread earner in the family and not as investment option. To promote term insurance in Indian psychology ZERO COST TERM INSURANCE or ROP ( Return of Premium ) introduced . As it is well known fact "there is no free lunch " so the premium is quite at higher side some times almost double then regular premium.

It is advisable to invest the extra premium of ROP in mutual fund as per your risk appetite and opt for regular term insurance premium to solve both the issue. In any case if you choose your plan and remain invested in your mutual fund for the same period then it will reward more without any if and but of ROP terms and condition.

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