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LIC Tech Term insurance - a frustrating experience
Posted By Pratheesh MEMBER 11 May, 2022

I regret I didn't know about this website on that day - the day i decided to pay the advance premium for an LIC Tech-Term policy for a coverage of Rs.1.5 crore. March 5th 2022 was that fateful day. The experience of getting this policy issued (which has not happened till date - 11.05.2022) have been very annoying. For ages, having seen LIC agents ubiquitously going around and making sure 'every Indian' takes a policy, I'm really taken aback by the treatment I'm getting from LIC regarding this policy. In stark contrast to normal policies sold through agents, I as a customer have been chasing LIC and their TPA with no avail and been left to run from pillar to post with no response either through email, twitter or over phone. There is no one to answer any of the doubts or queries. Once the medical rep of the TPA retorted that my case is moving relatively faster and it normally takes more than 3 months. My first medical test as per underwriters requirement was conducted very quickly, within the first week of initiating the proposal online. But as there was no response for almost a month, I contacted LIC with a strong worded email and after two days they replied that they didn't get the medical report and then I chased up with the TPA and they told they had already given that. Then i got a copy of the report and mailed it to LIC. After a week, the underwriter had a revised requirement of testing HIV. Fortunately I was able to get it done by their medical agent pretty soon and this time I keenly followed up with the TPA and obtained a copy of the test report from them and mailed straight to LIC. Two days later from LIC I received a copy of the email originally addressed to the TPA asking explanation from DC & MSP why they did the HIV test by CMIA method when asked to do it by ELISA method. I immediately called the medical agent and was super lucky enough to get him connected so fast and told this and he replied they do it this way in all the cases from time immemorial and will right away give a explanation to LIC with a copy marked to me which never came to me till now. Its 3rd week since then.Meanwhile i tried filing an RTI with IRDAI and tweeted tagging even the health minister and all other parties involved (i don't know whether i was wrong. but i was desperate). Nothing worked till now.

To make this worse, I have been going through a busy work schedule recently and in between i hardly find any time to spend researching on all these things and chasing up with all these, Then i thought i would search for some forum online if available in this area and ask advice on further courses of action to get this policy issued at the earliest. Now I don't need advice on that, as from here I got enlightened that there are better term insurance policy providers around.

Now can someone tell me

  1. How better and quickly can I get my head off from this yoke ? I want to get back my first advance premium paid. How much from the premium paid in advance will be deducted or will I not get any refund at all ? I've not paid for any of the medical tests done so far.
  2. Procedure to cancel the policy registration done online in LIC website. Any contact details which responds faster would be very much appreciated ?
How to life insurance companies find your medical records outside of your MIB?
Posted By Neema Patel MEMBER 30 Apr, 2022

Hello, I am a 34 female and currently applying for life insurance. After the initial application they sent me a signature page for me to authorize any health care professional, clinic, hospital or pharmacy to disclose any information about my records. This makes me a little uncomfortable since I have seen many physicians in the past few years for a number of self limiting problems. I am kind of a hypochondriac and pretty much run to an urgent care or ED for any little thing such when I have a really bad cold, a UTI when I think I need an antibiotic or one time when I had an infected ingrown toe nail where I went to an urgent care and they referred me to a podiatrist. Most notably, I hospitalized out of state for 2 days for Covid19 infection in 2021 even though I was vaccinated but recovered and was discharged. I recently started taking a cholesterol medication and just started seeing a pcp for the firs time in my adult life. My cholesterol numbers are great now.

I am wondering if I need to disclose all of these random one offs. Could someone please tell me exactly how a life insurance company would be able to gather all of these records from various urgent care and ERs and doctors offices without me telling them? Other than the MIB, can a life insurance company somehow find out about my urgent care visit when I had a UTI in 2019 or my Covid19 admission from 2021 from a random hospital that was out of state? If so, how do they do this? Do they ask for my health insurance records and see what my insurance paid for and find out that way? I am just afraid that if I sign this form they are going to dig up a lot of things that are not really relevant to my health anymore and make my rate go much higher or get denied for coverage all together.

I am healthy aside from taking a cholesterol medication daily, but if you gather all my random one off urgent care and ED visits and my covid hospitalization it may make me look like I am a complete mess in the eyes of a life insurance company. I just want to make sure I know what I am getting myself into because I don't know exactly what signing this form entails.

Lic Jeevan Saral Plan Maturity Benefit
Posted By Ramanathan Gangadharan MEMBER 26 Apr, 2022

After extensive browsing online and looking through several social media posts, I found LIC Jeevan Saral table 165 plan to be fairly controversial with several people complaining that they received less amount at the time of maturity than they thought....

Can anyone help me determine the maturity benefit?

Details as follows

Sum Assured: 5,00,000/-

Annual premium: 24000/-

Year of Commencement: 2012

Year of Maturity: 2033

Term: 21 Years

Age: 25 years (at the time of subscribing to the policy)

What would the maturity benefit compose? Just sum assured+ loyalty addition? Or is there guaranteed bonus too?

Surrendering the policy is a real option now but before I make a decision I'd like to know the amount of maturity benefit that this policy could potentially provide?


Help required in selecting between LIC Tech Term, Tata AIA Sampoorna Raksha, Insta Protect
Posted By Aditya B MEMBER 15 Apr, 2022

Need help in selecting term plan between LIC Tech Term, Tata AIA Sampoorna Raksha, Insta Protect and Max Life Online Smart Secure Plus Term plans

Here is my overall analysis

  • LIC though the oldest and most trusted choice seems a little expensive than others and also does not seem to be providing critical illness, disability benefit, waiver of premium covers. This seems to be available inbuilt only in TATA AIA Sampoorna Raksha Insta Protect. Is that correct? Please advise.
  • Max Life seem to be showcasing themselves as a free return of premium if one surrenders the policy at the age of 57 and if the policy cover is upto 72 years of age or more than that. Is that really available and true? If yes, is it advisable to go for such facility or is it just a marketing gimmick ?
  • All term plans seem to be showcasing some specific amount as base cover and some amount as a rider cover. What exactly is the meaning of that and how does that work in real time in case there is a situation of making a claim?
  • In a situation of making a claim, which term plan provides the most hassle free complete online experience from buying to making the claim?
  • Is there any medical checkup that is required before buying any of these term plans? If yes, does the company actually pay for it or one has to pay from their own pocket? If the company does pay for such medical checkup which is the best and most reliable?
  • If buying the term plan online, does one need to pay in advance before any medical checkup is done or does all the documentation, medical checkup happen before the actual payment?
  • How much time does each of these term plan companies typically take to issue the policy online after the premium is paid?

Experts- Please guide with specific detailed answers.

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