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Free Look Period
Term Life Insurance

Apps like Amazon, Flipkart allows you to return products that you are unhappy with within a specific period of time. Insurance policies can be returned too.

Once you receive the policy, you have a specific period (called free-look period) during which you can return the policy to the insurer. The money you paid would be refunded after deducting the proportionate premium for the number of days the cover was active, costs of any medical tests (if any), and the stamp duty paid by the insurance company when issuing the policy.

The free look period allows you to go through the policy, check if there are any surprises in the policy that you weren’t aware of, and return it back. This is a right you have in the policy and cannot be declined by an insurer.

Usually, the Free Look Period in a Life Insurance policy is 15 days - which means once you have received the policy, you have 15 days to return the insurance, stating reasons. In case of policies sold through online or telephonic mode, the Free look period is 30 days.