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Permanent Disability
Term Life Insurance

In Life Insurance, permanent Disability is usually the inability of the person covered to perform 3 of the 6 activities related to daily work.

Mobility: The ability to walk a distance of 200 meters on flat ground.

Bending: The ability to bend or kneel to touch the floor and straighten up again and the ability to get into a standard saloon car, and out again.

Climbing: The ability to climb up a flight of 12 stairs and down again, using the handrail if needed.

Lifting: The ability to pick up an object weighing 2kg at table height and hold for 60 seconds before replacing the object on the table.

Writing: The manual dexterity to write legibly using a pen or pencil, or type using a desktop personal computer keyboard.

Blindness: The permanent and irreversible loss of sight to the extent that even when tested with
the use of visual aids, vision is measured at 3/60 or worse in the better eye using a Snellen eye chart.