Who will assist you at the time of claim?

A Toll-Free number, or a Trusted Financial Advisor?

Interact With Experienced, Trusted Financial Advisors

Get Assured Services from Purchase to Renewals, and Most Importantly Claims!

Why work with a Financial Advisor?
Vetted by Beshak. Chosen by you.
As opposed to a call centre, the advisor is chosen by you from a list of carefully reviewed advisors.
Dedicated guidance and support
The advisor will be on your side, providing handholding you need so you make the most of your insurance.
One credible advisor - throughout your journey!
From active support for policy purchase, renewals and claims support - one advisor, for your family - forever.
Support independent financial advisors and small businesses from the community, instead of large corporations
Why buy from an advisor, instead of an online platform?
A policy with great features is no good if you don’t get a smooth claim, when you need it. As the claims process remains offline (even if you bought the policy online), you need someone to guide you, handhold you, even fight for you - so the claims process is hasslefree.
A dedicated financial advisor, curated by Beshak is that someone, who will be on your side so you geta seamless claim, without spending your own time chasing the branch offices or call centers.
Credible Advisor
5% Discount
Taking appointment before calls
Personal accountability
Personalized claims support
Digital purchase
How does this work?
Find your advisor
Explore a curated list of carefully selected, verified financial advisors from the community and choose one that you prefer.
Find the best suited plans through Beshak TruMatch report
With the help of the advisor, generate a personalised report to understand the top insurance plans that fit your needs. This report is created by Beshak’s research-backed algorithm and is 100% unbiased.
Discuss the plan, and buy your policy
Weigh your best options against each other, to find the most suitable fit and make the purchase with confidence.
Get 100% support throughout the journey
Yay! You now have a professional advisor on your side. The advisorwill stay in touch with everything with regards to this insurance, and most importantly through the claims process when the time comes.

Don’t take our word.
Here’s what our members have to say about Beshak

Shashvat Shetty photo
The meeting was really nice with the advisor. I got the recommendations from the TruMatch report which was very helpful and then the advisor helped me choose the right Health Insurance plan out of the recommended plan.
Shashvat Shetty
Hiral Sheth photo
I was looking for Health Insurance for over a year now, with Beshak Community Connect I got the right recommendation and hand-holding through which now I am insured with Health Insurance plan. Kudos to Beshak Team :)
Hiral Sheth
Priyanka Thakur photo
I always thought that Health Insurance should be bought only after the age of 30-35 years, Beshak changed my view and eventually guided me to purchase Health Insurance plan. The advisor I got introduced to was very patient and explained each and every Terms & Conditions. 5 stars to Beshak for the experience I got.
Priyanka Thakur
How does the Beshak Community Connect Program work? -

Beshak TruMatch and Beshak’s research team will provide you with all product-related advice. The financial advisors will provide clarifications and answer any questions you may have on the recommendation reports generated by Beshak. Advisors curated on Beshak also promise to provide personalized services right from purchase of the policy to renewals to claims.

How do I connect with the advisor? +

Once you have zeroed in on the advisor of your choice, you can click on “Introduce me” and get yourself introduced to the advisor.

Will I have to give my email id or mobile number before connecting with the advisor? +

You will be required to provide your mobile number before you confirm the introduction. Note, we will not call you ever without your permission. Your number will be used only for communication on WhatsApp.

How can I book an appointment with the advisor? +

Once you provide your mobile number, you can set an appointment with your selected advisor through Calendly. Just select any of the available times and a meeting will be set between you and the advisor :)

What if I don’t want to continue with the advisor I chose? +

We will create a temporary WhatsApp group between you and the advisor for quick communication, exchange of information and documents. In case you aren’t happy with the conversation, advice, you can always opt-out of the communication anytime by sending us a private message.

How can I connect with the Beshak Team in case of any queries? +

Community managers from Beshak are available during working hours for any questions, concerns, disputes you may have with the program, or the advice received from the advisor you have selected, at any stage of the transaction/conversation with the advisor.

What other services will the financial advisors from the Beshak Community provide? +

Financial advisors from the Beshak Community are selected for Insurance purposes only. Beshak does not provide any services for any other financial product, as of now, apart from Term & Health Insurance, and is not liable for any issues being faced for any other financial product.

Will I have to pay any extra charges/ fees to Beshak or the financial advisors? +

Beshak confirms that the service is absolutely free for Insurance and no payment has to be done whatsoever, neither to Beshak nor to the financial advisors.

After I’ve finalized the policy I want to purchase, where do I make the payment? +

Beshak strongly recommends not making payment on any platform apart from the Insurance company’s website or IRDAI registered Insurance distribution firms that the advisors have alliances with. As mentioned earlier, in case of any confusion, you need to ensure to contact the community executive/manager before making any payment. Beshak will not be responsible for any payments made on unauthorized platforms without Beshak’s written confirmation.

Who should I contact if I face any issues after I purchase the policy? +

In case of any issues after purchasing the policy, you will have to contact the Beshak community executive/manager to report the issue along with the financial advisor. Please note that delay in reporting the issue might lead to no refund or deduction in refund amount (in case of cancellation).

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