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08 Jul, 2022 | Health Insurance

Buying Health Insurance From Manipal Cigna? | Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Review

Team Beshak
By Team Beshak
We breathe insurance :)
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What's inside? 🧐

Quick intro:

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance is a joint venture between the Manipal Group and Cigna Corporation. It is a standalone health insurance company and offers a wide range of insurance products comprising individual insurance, family floater, critical illness, personal accident, group health insurance, hospital cash policies, among others to meet the diverse needs of customers.

The promise:

According to their website, they are committed to delivering health, wellness, and peace of mind to their customers by offering them easy access to quality healthcare.

Through a scientifically designed process audit, our Research Team tested the entire experience of buying a health insurance policy from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company. What was good? What was challenging? 

We find out - in this Beshak Test Drive: Review of Manipal Cigna Health Insurance.

So, let’s begin.

Manipal Cigna Insurance Review: What was good?

Arrangement of products 👍

There are a lot of products available in various categories. The products under each category are arranged very systematically and are easy to find.

Get recommendation’ feature 👍

You can either go through the policy wordings and brochures of all the products, then choose a plan you think would be best for you, or you can use the 'Get Recommendation' feature - where you need to answer 6 sets of basic questions related to who you want to buy the cover for, your age, address, existing insurance cover, etc. Based on the answers you provide, you'll be recommended products. 

Policy wordings & brochure 👍

The policy wordings and brochure of Manipal Cigna’s health insurance products are available on the same page where details of the products are mentioned - saving us a lot of time as well as the hassle of searching for them elsewhere. 

Purchase experience 👍

Our purchase experience with the company was good. The advisor helped us understand the terms and conditions of the products listed on the website. He explained processes like claim settlement, cancellation, endorsement, etc. in detail. All our queries were answered quickly, too. 

Payment process 👍

Our payment experience with the company was very smooth. The advisor guided us throughout the process and right after the payment, we got a verification call. And, unlike a few other insurance platforms, we were not asked to fill out a separate proposal form after the payment.

Manipal Cigna Insurance Review: What could have been better?

Website UX 👎 

One thing we did not like during our audit was the website of Manipal Cigna wouldn’t load properly at times. Their website was down even at the time of making the payment. When we called customer care to check, the agent told us we’d have to proceed with the payment the next day. 

Some details not available on the website 👎

Most insurance companies mention all details about the product, free look period, and processes like claims, cancellation, refund, etc. on their website itself. This, however, is not the case with Manipal Cigna. We did not find details about policy cancellation and the free look period on their website.

Excessive spamming 👎

The minute we entered our mobile number on the website, we started getting back-to-back calls from the insurance company. Not only did we receive unsolicited calls before policy purchase, but the calls continued even after we purchased a policy. In fact, we received 6-7 spam calls right after we completed the payment asking if we wanted to buy an insurance policy from the company.

Delay in policy issuance 👎

After the payment was completed, the advisor informed us we would receive a call for telemedical checkup, and then after 48 hours, the policy would be issued to us. But, neither did we receive the call on time, nor was the policy issued to us within the promised time. 

After the telemedical checkup was completed on the call, we received an email stating our policy was activated, but the insurance company did not send us our policy papers. We got the policy papers the next day after following up with the advisor multiple times. 

Cancellation 👎

When we got in touch with the advisor again to request for cancellation, he told us to drop him an email on his email ID. After we did that, he sent us a text on WhatsApp saying he has raised our cancellation request. The next day we received a call from one of Manipal Cigna’s agents who asked us to send an email requesting cancellation again. We had to drop them a mail again after 4-5 days to know the status of the cancellation. 

The advisor informed us that the cancellation was in progress but did not give us any timeline. When we followed up again, we found out that the initial cancellation email we had sent to the advisor’s personal ID was not forwarded ahead at all. An agent asked us to send a cancellation email again to another ID, which we did, and our policy was cancelled. 

Refund 👎

After cancellation, we sent a mail as well as called the customer care to find out when our refund would be processed. The agent told us we would need to submit a cancelled cheque or copy of the passbook. We, however, refused to submit any of these because before we purchased the policy, we were clearly informed that no cancellation cheque or any other document would be needed for cancellation and refund. After a lot of argument, the insurance company processed our refund the next day.    

Summing up!

Some things we liked while purchasing a policy from Manipal Cigna Health Insurance - 

  • Variety of health insurance options to choose from.
  • In-depth explanation about product features, limitations, etc. by the advisor.
  • Guidance throughout the payment process.

Some things we did not like - 

  • The website was down at times.
  • Not all product-related details are available on the website.
  • Got a lot of spam calls before and after purchasing the policy.
  • Post-purchase support could have been better.
  • Delay in cancellation and refund.

Did you like this Beshak Test Drive: Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Review? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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