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17 Jun, 2022 | Health Insurance

Buying Health Insurance From Navi Insurance? | Navi Health Insurance Review

Team Beshak
By Team Beshak
We breathe insurance :)
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What's inside? 🧐

Quick intro:

Navi General Insurance, formerly known as DHFL General Insurance, started its business operations in November 2017. The insurance company provides a variety of insurance products to its customers, ranging from health, motor, property, commercial to gadget insurance.

The promise:

According to their website, their primary aim is to make insurance simple, accessible, and affordable for all. They want to provide customers with a wide range of well-priced products as well as a seamless user experience.

Our Research Team interacted with Navi Health Insurance on the pretext of purchasing a health insurance policy. How was the experience? Learn what was good, and what could have been better - in this Beshak Test Drive: Navi Health Insurance Review.

What was good?

Payment experience 👍

Our payment experience with Navi Health Insurance was pretty smooth. We did not face any difficulties while making the payment and it got completed quickly. All premium payment options, like credit card, debit card, UPI, wallets, net banking, etc. are available on the insurance company’s app. You can also choose the premium payment frequency, i.e., how frequently you want to pay the premiums. For this, they provide two options - annual and monthly. 

Quick policy issuance 👍

The case with some insurance companies is that you might have to wait for a day or two to get the policy papers. At Navi Health Insurance, however, the soft copy of the policy papers was delivered to our mailbox right after our payment was completed. 

Endorsement 👍

The advisor explained the details about endorsement to us in depth. He told us we could proceed with a non-financial endorsement, i.e., making changes to name, gender, date of birth, address, etc. within 48 hours of making the payment on the app. A financial endorsement that involves changing the sum insured, adding riders, etc. could be done only at the time of renewing the policy - similar to other insurance companies.

No unsolicited calls 👍

Unlike a few other insurance companies where we experienced excessive spamming and chasing, we did not receive any sort of unsolicited messages or calls before, while, or after purchasing a policy from Navi Health Insurance. 

Claims process explanation 👍

The advisor explained to us the steps involved in both the cashless and reimbursement claim settlement process in detail. He also gave us a brief outline of the documents that we would need to submit at the time of claim. He told us that in case of a cashless claim, the claim would be settled in 20 minutes, and in case of a reimbursement claim, the company would settle it in 4 hours. 

Cancellation and refund 👍

The cancellation and refund process was explained properly to us at the time of policy purchase. The advisor informed us they would deduct a certain percentage of the premium even if we cancel the policy in the free look period. Later, when we raised a cancellation request, the agents were very helpful. Our policy was cancelled within the promised time and a week later, we got our refund. We did not face any difficulties during the cancellation and refund process.

What could have been better?

OTP verification mandatory 👎

Firstly, if you want to purchase a health insurance policy from Navi Health Insurance, you should know that you'll have to mandatorily download their application. Secondly, for logging into the app, OTP verification is mandatory - without which you won't be able to search for products, generate quotes, etc. 

Products not easy to find 👎

There are not many health insurance plans listed on the app. Plus, the placement of products is very poor. When we tried to search for the plans on the app, we couldn't find them in our initial few attempts. We then had to contact the advisor and ask him to help us find the products. 

Policy wordings and brochure 👎

Normally, most insurance portals and companies provide the details of the plans, policy wordings, and brochures in one place. We, however, couldn’t find the policy wordings and brochures of the Navi health insurance plans on the app and had to ask the advisor for help. There was a prospectus available for one of the products, but that too was difficult to find, and it did not have proper details about the respective product.

App not user-friendly 👎

While there were no glitches in the UX, we did not find the insurance company's app user-friendly. It was a bit difficult to navigate and the products, their wordings, brochures, and other details were not easy to find too. 

Proposal form 👎

Some insurance companies ask you to fill the entire proposal form before the payment, whereas some ask you to fill a part of the form before payment and the remaining form after you make the payment. At Navi Insurance, we were asked to fill in basic details related to age, gender, address, etc. before payment. Some important information, like nominee-related details, were asked after we made the payment.

Advisor did not have thorough knowledge 👎

While the advisor was able to explain the various processes to us in detail, he lacked knowledge about several other aspects of a health insurance policy, like the e-insurance account and free look period. When we asked the advisor about the free look period under the policy, he told us it was a waiting period for pre-existing diseases. And when we enquired about the e-insurance account, he told us he did not have enough knowledge about it and that he would speak to his team leader and let us know. 

Riders not available 👎

Unlike other insurance companies that allow us to opt for a variety of riders with the base health insurance plan, we couldn’t find any option to customise or choose riders with our policy on the Navi Insurance app. Only one add-on, i.e., the maternity benefit is available with the insurance company. Other riders, like the critical illness rider, accidental death benefit rider, etc. are not available on the app.

Summing up!

Some things we really liked in our health insurance purchase journey with Navi Health Insurance - 

  • The payment was completed quickly, without hassle.
  • The policy papers were delivered to our mailbox right after the payment.
  • We did not receive any unsolicited calls or messages.
  • The cancellation and refund process was smooth.

Some issues we faced - 

  • The app was not user-friendly.
  • The placement of products was poor.
  • Product details, policy wordings, and brochures were not easy to find.
  • The advisor did not have thorough knowledge about the free look period and e-insurance account.

With careful consideration of the above limitations, Navi Health Insurance Company can truly make health insurance accessible and simple for its customers!

Did you like this Beshak Test Drive: Navi Insurance Review? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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