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Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings: Health Insurance

India's Best Health Insurance Plans, rated in collaboration with Mint - India’s 2nd largest financial daily.


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Note: The higher the rating, the better the plan is. However, in the case of the premium affordability ratings, the higher the rating, the more expensive the plan will be. Ratings are based of 5 stars.

What is Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings?

Let’s just admit, buying health insurance isn’t the easiest or most fun thing to do. It’s super important, but also quite hectic, given the myriad number of products, plan variants, and confusing fine print you have to check.

That's where Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings comes to your rescue! It’s a collaborative effort between Beshak and Mint. Mint approved a unique methodology relevant to their readers. Beshak did the research and number crunching. All this is to provide reliable ratings for leading health insurance plans in India.

How does the Mint Beshak Rating work?

Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings focuses on what truly matters in health insurance, cutting through the clutter and giving you exactly what you need, aka - the best. It simplifies the process of understanding all your options, stacking them up against each other, and quickly finding what’s right for you.

Cracking the Code: How are the Health Insurance Policies rated?

We dive deep into the world of health insurance and meticulously analyse 100+ features, benefits, limitations, T&Cs. And serve you with comprehensive ratings based on 2 critical factors, applying the following weights -

Rating Type Weight
Product Rating 65%
Insurer Claims Track Record Rating 35%

Product Rating

Putting our Sherlock hat on, we scrutinize policy details to the T. We uncover the health insurance plans with the lowest out-of-pocket expenses during hospitalization, so you never have to worry about unexpected bills.


Claims Track Record Rating

We fetch insurers with the smoothest claim settlement process. Because you deserve everything best and hassle-free, including claim experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. Why trust Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings?


Beshak is an independent platform, with no conflict of interest, whatsoever. To ensure it has zero conflict, it has ensured it has zero marketing, distribution links or affiliations with any insurers in the market. All the research, insights, and analysis you get are unbiased and research-backed. And, Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings covers the widest range of insurance plans in India, evaluating over 150+ plans. It entails the most extensive research across 100+ parameters, including claims, ensuring the most comprehensive and reliable information for your insurance decisions.

02. Are the ratings influenced by insurance companies or any external parties?


03. How is the Mint Beshak Insurance Rating different?


04. How is Mint Beshak Insurance Rating different from Beshak’s rating on its website.


05. Are the ratings applicable to all health insurance plans in India?


06. How frequently are the ratings updated?


07. Why are the pricing and overall rating decoupled?


08. Can I solely rely on Mint Beshak Insurance Ratings to choose a health insurance plan?


How do I trust this?

yellow-check Widest research in India across 150+ plans.
yellow-check Deepest study across 200+ parameters, including claims.
yellow-check We are fiercely independent. Zero marketing ties with any insurer.

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