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India First is a Life Insurance company in India. It offers Term Life Insurance, Traditional Savings and Unit Linked Insurance Plans. Founded in 2009, it is a joint venture between Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India and Legal & General. The company is headquartered in Mumbai. The MD & CEO of India First is Mr. Ms.R.M.Vishakha

Founded in
Number of Claims
JV Partners
Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India and Legal & General.
Number of Policies
Turnover (GWP)
4,055.5 Crores

Detailed Ratings

Claims Experience 3.8/5 star green
Customer Service 2.5/5 star green
% of claims settled in less than 30 days
Reflects on the speed of settling valid claims
% of Complaints received on overall claims
% customers unhappy with claims experience
How complex is the Claim Form?
The longer, the more hassles during claims
Claim Settlement Ratio (No. of claims)
What % of the claims received were paid?
Claim Settlement Ratio (Value of claims)
What % of the claim amount received was paid?
Solvency Ratio
Reflects an insurance company’s ability to pay claims. Insurers are required to maintain a minimum 150% Solvency Ratio as per IRDAI regulation
Personal relationship manager for claims
Not Available
Can you track claims online?
Dedicated toll-free for claims service
Not Available
Separate Claim Form for above 3 Years Claim
Not Available
Home pickup of Claims
Not Available
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