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Term Insurance Video Guide

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What is Term Insurance? टर्म इंश्योरेंस क्या है? | Beshak
Am I Eligible for Term Insurance? Is Term Insurance Right for me? | Beshak
When is the best time to buy Term Life Insurance? | Beshak
When to end my Term Insurance policy? | Beshak
How much term insurance cover do you need? | The Best Term Insurance Calculator | Beshak
Will my cover amount be enough forever? | How much life insurance cover do I need? | Beshak
Is there a way to get guaranteed returns? | What is a term insurance with return of premium | Beshak
Customizing Premium Payments | Limited Pay in term insurance | Beshak
Things to do - Ensuring a smooth claim settlement for your family | Beshak
A deep-dive into Critical Illness Insurance | Should you add critical illness rider? | Beshak
Deep dive into Personal Accident rider | What is a personal accident rider in term plan | Beshak
How to choose the best term insurance company? | Compare term insurance policies | Beshak
One day before purchase | Things to consider before buying term insurance | Beshak
What should you do - on the day of buying a Term insurance policy | MWP Act | Beshak
One Day after buying the policy | Informing your family about your term insurance | Beshak
All you need to know about Term Insurance claim rejections | Beshak
Term Insurance Video Guide Page

What is this Video Guide?

This series of 16 videos, dedicated entirely to all the nitty-gritties of term insurance is the most fun and exciting way to get all your basics right. Through this video guide, you join our very own Insurappa - the friendly neighborhood Insurance hero, who takes you through every question and concept that you’ll come across through your term insurance journey - right from research, to purchase and to the claim. All the videos in this guide are in Hinglish - a language that is simple and very easy to understand and 100% jargon-free.

How will this Video Guide help you understand your term insurance needs better?

This term insurance video guide covers everything - every little detail you must know before purchasing a term insurance policy.

Starting with questions such as - when should you buy the policy to when should you stop it, from how much cover should you opt for, to how to ensure your family receives a smooth claim settlement, from demystifying myths surrounding term insurance to suggesting the right customizations, and from how should you buy go about the buying process to what you should do after the policy is issued. Every question you’ve ever had - Insurappa helps you find an answer for!

What does each video cover?

Each video tackles a specific problem or a decision about term insurance that you’ll need to make through the course of your journey. There are in total 16 videos - each video answers questions like -

  • When is the right time to buy the policy? When is the right time to end it?
  • How to calculate the appropriate cover amount for your family using the best term insurance calculator?
  • Should you opt for the increasing cover feature? And what about limited pay?
  • How can your term insurance cover critical illnesses and accidents?
  • Can you get a guaranteed return on your term plan?
  • What is MWP Act? Why is it important?
  • How can you ensure a smooth claim settlement for your family?
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