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Myth busting everything about insurance.
Health Insurance
How Much Health Insurance Cover Do I Need? | Insurappa with Mahavir Chopra
Health Insurance
Buying Insurance Online Vs Agent or Financial Advisor | What is the big difference?
Health Insurance
Family Floater Health Plan Vs. Individual Health Insurance - Which is better? | Beshak
Term Life Insurance
Why did my Term Life Insurance get rejected? | मेरा Term Insurance रिजेक्ट क्यों हुआ? | Beshak
Health Insurance
Will health insurance pay if I want to rest in the hospital? What happens when hospitals overcharge?
Health Insurance
Avoiding deductions; health insurance for babies, Sr citizens + 10 qstns answered | AMA Recording
Term Life Insurance
Should I pick the cheapest Term Insurance Plan or go with an expensive 'Brand'? | Insurappa | Beshak
Health Insurance
Do I really need a Corona Kavach, if I have Health Insurance? | Insurappa
Health Insurance
When will your Health Insurance NOT pay for hospitalization? | Mahavir Chopra | Beshak
Term Life Insurance
Ek se bhale do? | Should you split term insurance cover into two insurance companies? | Insurappa
Term Life Insurance
Two hidden benefits you must consider before buying Term Plan | Beshak
Health Insurance
Solutions to renew or buy Health Insurance policy amid Covid-19 | Trending at Money9 LIVE
Term Life Insurance
Where to buy your term insurance? Agent, Insurer website, or Policy Bazaar? | Insurappa
Health Insurance
Can Covid-19 vaccine declarations impact my existing insurance policies?
Term Life Insurance
Why Claim Settlement Ratio is a useless metric for choosing Term Insurance
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Most insurance content you’ll find online is full of complex jargon. As you set out to find answers to simple, straightforward questions you’re bombarded with boring, complicated content that you cannot follow. As a result, you end up confused, even frustrated - and give up on your purchase journey. We understand this.

Beshak Videos is one of our many attempts at solving the complexity problem of insurance - through simple, relatable and interesting content. All our videos are created in everyday language - and help you understand specific topics in the vast world of insurance, quickly.

What’s more - all our content is 100% conflict-free and unbiased as we have no marketing affiliations with any insurance company. Videos on this page are entirely dedicated to you and to help you understand insurance and make informed decisions - from research, to purchase and to claim.

What do the videos cover?

The videos on this page cover the most basic and complex topics about health and term insurance - in a 100% jargon-free and easy-to-understand language. Ranging from the very basics of term insurance, to debunking some common myths and misconceptions, to some deep-dives into some important topics - our Videos will cover all things insurance.

How will these videos benefit you?

No matter which stage of the insurance journey you’re at - there is something for you in the Beshak Videos. Are you looking for a specific answer or definition? We got you. Are you seeking to get deep insights into a larger topic? We got that too. Using the information from Beshak Videos you will be in a better position to make informed choices with respect to insurance. And, have fun along the way!

How long are the videos?

Videos with Insurappa are usually short, crisp, and 5-7 minutes long. Some other videos could be a little more detailed and go upto 20-22 minutes. Regardless of the length of the videos, we guarantee that they are all highly useful information, packaged with very interesting examples and personas so you will never find insurance boring again!

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