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Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime (Advantage)

Introduction to Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime (Advantage)

Manipal Cigna - ProHealth Prime (Advantage) is a health insurance policy offered by Manipal Cigna Health Insurance. A health insurance plan is essentially a hospitalization cover that promises to pay the costs incurred during hospitalization, as well as expenses incurred prior to and after a hospitalization. Manipal Cigna’s ProHealth Prime (Advantage) Plan is a health insurance solution for all your medical requirements. It offers comprehensive coverage and is customizable as per your needs. 

Verdict: Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime (Advantage)

This plan provides comprehensive protection and covers several expenses in addition to hospitalization and related expenses. These include expenses such as maternity costs, infertility treatment costs, and the cost of consumable items. Not only that, but it also provides a variety of options for getting discounts on premiums. However, it is slightly more expensive than other products available in the market and does not offer a monthly premium payment option. Further, according to our research, the insurer has received a higher number of claim settlement and policy purchase complaints. This implies that the insurer has a poor track record in terms of both purchase and claims service experience.

Pros & Cons: Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime (Advantage)

  • arrow No restrictions on the type of hospital room you choose
  • arrow Covers outpatient department costs, such as medications, tests, consultations, etc.
  • arrow Covers Bariatric surgery for weight loss
  • arrow Covers expenses associated with pregnancy
  • arrow Covers non-medical expenses or the cost of consumables such as gloves, oxygen masks, nebulization kits, etc.
  • arrow Covers expenses related to infertility treatment
  • arrow Multiple options available for getting premium discounts
  • arrow Slightly costlier that other products in the market
  • arrow Monthly premium payment mode not available
  • arrow Received higher number of complaints during policy purchase compared to other insurers
  • arrow Received higher number of complaints on claim settlement compared to other insurers
  • arrow Our study observed their responses on Twitter to be relatively slower than other insurers

Specific Exclusions: Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime (Advantage)

01 Dental treatment except for treatment required due to an accident
02 Circumcision unless necessary for treating a disease or injury
03 Instruments used in treatment for sleep disorders
04 Expenses for screening, consulting or treating external birth defects
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About Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Company Limited logo

Manipal Cigna Health Insurance, a joint venture between the Manipal Group and Cigna Corporation, is a standalone health insurance company in India. The company provides a wide range of insurance products comprising individual insurance, family floater, critical illness, personal accident, group health insurance, and hospital cash policies, among others to meet the diverse needs of customers. It was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mr. Prasun Sikdar is the company's CEO and MD.

Founded in
JV Partners
Manipal Group and Cigna Corporation
Turnover (GWP)
919.02 Crores
Number of Policies
Number of Claims

Detailed Product Specs: Manipal Cigna ProHealth Prime (Advantage)

Claims Experience advisor
Customer Service advisor
Product Benefits advisor
Limits and Exclusions advisor
% of claims settled in less than 30 days
Reflects on the speed of settling valid claims
% of Complaints received on overall claims
% customers unhappy with claims experience
Claims Incurred Ratio
Claim Settlement Ratio (No. of claims)
What % of the claims received were paid?
No. of Cashless Hospitals
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